Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cohort Meeting

We met last night to discuss what the Emergent Cohort will be doing in the future.

We will be gathering to discuss and build relationships on the third thursdays of every month at 9pm. We are still scouting locations - if you have a suggestion let us know.

Please check back here for a listing of meetings/events in the KC area that you might want to be part of.


shayne said...

Thanks for getting this going, Tera! It was good connecting with you all last night, and I look forward to some great conversations in the future.

"How many emerging church leaders does it take to screw in a light bulb? At least three: one to come up with a new way of screwing in the light bulb; one to ask 'what exactly is this "light bulb installation" thing anyway?'; and a few others to ponder whether or not this whole deal is 'liberal' or 'conservative', and whether or not their elders would fire them if they found out they were doing it."

Susan said...

Hey, Hey, Hey---this looks great! So good to talk with such a diverse group last night, and I look forward to building relationships and getting to know each other while we discuss, work together and pray together!
Susan C-J

Mike said...

You are fast Tera... good job

Jose said...

I am glad this is up.

Charlie said...

Has anyone been listening to the Emergent podcasts? I got a chance to catch up with them all on my drive back from Princeton and I'm really enjoying them!