Friday, October 06, 2006

Next Cohort Meeting - October 20th

Our next Cohort meeting will be Friday, October 20th. We are excited that Doug Pagitt will be joining us at 8:00pm for discussion, dialogue and some questions.

Doug is the pastor of Solomon's Porch Church in Minneapolis. He is the author of three books; Body Prayer, Preaching Re-imagined, and Church Re-Imagined. Doug is also one of the guys who helped bring about Emergent Village. No doubt most of you are familiar with Emergent Village but in the event that you are not, please check out this part of the website.

We will be having a change in locations this time. We will be meeting in the restaurant/lounge located in the lobby of the Embassy Suites Hotel at 43rd and Broadway. They are going to reserve us an area on the side and you are free to order (and pay) for your own food/drinks if you would like.

We are really looking forward to this conversation and hope that you can join us.

UPDATE - Some of us are going to meet early at 6:30 to have dinner together and talk about some women in ministry discussions. Mike Kruse will be there and you can check out his blog series on Discovering Biblical Equailty.

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