Friday, September 21, 2007

Location Change

We are making a location change for our gathering on Friday night. We will now be meeting at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ in Olathe KS (map).

We are gathering at 6:00pm Friday, September 21st to have a conversation with Tony Jones (National Coordinator for Emergent Village) about what is happening and the future of Emergent. Following our dinner conversation many of us are planning on making the short trip over to Mid-America Nazarene University for a 8:00pm worship service that will be lead by the folks at Jacob's Well.


Anonymous said...

How did this dinner go? I would love to hear about the conversations that took place.

J. Ted Voigt said...

Hello, Cohort!

Question for whoever is interested:

In the emergent conversation, where are the poets? It seems to me that poetry is a powerful vehicle for the forming and sharing of complex/abstract ideas, and the emergent church needs a poetic voice. So who are they? Where are their blogs? Who is publishing their books? If you know them, I'd love to read them! Thanks!

Trinity said...

Any upcoming events, meeting, gatherings?